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  Getting Started with Young Living

I can assure you that you will not be signing your life away or committing to anything!!!  You will just be able to receive 50% off of retail price for the premium starter kit and then you will have a wholesale membership (just like at Costco or Sam’s Club) that you will be able to purchase product and merchandise at 24% off.  There is absolutely no catch and if you decide to join our team, I personally will send you a welcome gift worth $25 as a way of saying, “Thank You.”   There are no monthly minimum purchases, no commitment to ever have to purchase more, but if you do decide to try more products  (which I know you will want to do), you will be able to purchase them at 24% off.  THAT IS IT!!!!  I was not believing that for a long time so it took me almost 5 months to join and that was 5 extra months I suffered needlessly because I let fear stop me.  Don’t do the same thing I did.  Join now you will be happy you did.

Not only will you receive a $25 value gift from me but you will also be given free access to our introduction classes, Ningxia Red classes, Safety with oils classes, and much more.  You will be added to our closed Facebook group that offers a HUGE line of support and is a MUST in order to be sure you are using your oils and products and chat with others who may have similar experiences as you.  PLUS if you join our team, I will give you access to our exclusive trainings, access to our business builders secret groups, and EVERYTHING you will need to become successful. (If you so desire to journey into this path with me I will teach you what I have done to climb the ladder within Young Living quickly and build an income that surpasses my monthly income as an RN).

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