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What essential oils on science sheet with herbal flowersAre Essential Oils     11952049_10207614747029280_3953610165740230229_n

  • Essential oils are the life-line (life-blood) of the plant
  • They carry Oxygen to the plant
  • Ward off insects/bugs
  • Fight illness if a plant gets sick
  • Protect the Plant from disease
  • Essential oils are carefully distilled raw plant material, consisting of he flowers, leaves, wood, bark, roots, seeds, or peel
  • One drop contains hundreds of beneficial compounds (One drop of an essential oil contains 40 million trillion molecules that is about 40,000 for each one of the cells in our body)
  • EXTREMELY concentrated
  • Gentle to our cells
  • Targets multi systems within our body
  • No Digestion Required
  • Naturally made, nothing synthetic in our systems
  • The more you use, the more your body systems are supported to maintain healthy immune systems, decrease stress, promote relaxation, increase life span by promoting overall wellness.
  • Created by God                          

How Do Essential Oils Work


  • Essential Ols can penetrate cell membranes and diffuse throughout the blood and tissues due to the small size of the molecules.  In some oils, the molecules are so small that they can cross the blood brain barrier (Vetiver, cedar wood, and Lemon being a few)
  • By applying topically at the end of two minutes it will be found throughout the blood stream
  • At the close of 20 minutes every cell in the entire body will have been affected
  • Essential oils are recognized by the body as nutrients, unlike synthetic chemicals, so they work synergistically to promote wellness.
  • After two and a half hours the essential oils will have been metabolized- that is, the sum total of the chemical processes that occur in living organisms, resulting in growth, production of energy, and elimination of waste material- into a part of the DNA structure!!


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How to Apply Essential Oils


Tips For Application

When trying essential oils for the first time be sure to dilute with a carrier oil. Young living has an amazing carrier oil called V6 oil, but you can also use almond oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, or olive oil. Never use water to dilute or try to wash off an oil as it will only press it deeper into the skin. Never put any essential oils into your ear canal. When applying oils around your eyes be sure to follow along your eye bones. You will read many places to put oils in water to consume them but you want to be sure to ALWAYS use either stainless steel or glass ONLY!! NEVER USE PLASTIC as it contains petrochemicals which are toxins and the oils will eat through the chemicals and you will be consuming them. Always dilute oils on infants and children. Be sure if pregnant be sure to check with your doctor or look up charts for safety with pregnancy.


The oils that come in our Premium Starter Kit:  RC, COPAIBA, DIGIZE, LEMON, FRANKINCENSE, PANAWAY, PEPPERMINT, THIEVES, PURIFICATION, LAVENDER AND STRESS AWAY!!!! I have each of the oils and some of their uses printed below.  Scroll through and see how these oils could benefit you and your family in the same way that they have benefitted mine and many others. If you are looking for a more NATURAL way to support your family’s health, this kit will be the best place to start.


Plus A Bottle of Stress Away




Healthy natural food, background. Lemon. More background of fruits and vegetables in my portfolio.







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