“Got my kit the other day. First thing I did was set up the diffuser next to my bed with lavender. I have been under enough stress lately that my face broke out ( never had this happen to me in my adult life ) I fought with this for 7 weeks. The next morning after the lavender use, my face had stopped breaking out and started healing. That’s a “Wow” in my book.”

- Connie Rogge


“I too am a new user of these oils. I use them all. I drink the peppermint in my tea or put a drop on roof my mouth to clear my sinuses. I also wash my face the with wet hands put a couple drops of frankensence in palm of my hand rub together than rub into my face. It has helped shrink my couple age marks. I also had a sore on inside of my ankle that wouldn’t heal and I put frankensence on it twice a day and in a week it has healed. Love these oils.”

- Gretchen Mitchell

“We have been using Young Living oils as a family for almost 2 years now and can’t imagine our life without them. My only regret it that I didn’t know about them sooner. We have been able to cut out many midnight runs to the ER with Raven, Thieves, RC and Breath Again. We have been able to combat a weakened immune system with Thieves, and lemon oil. Also, tension caused by occasional nervousness and stress is a thing of the past.”

- Emily Johnson

“I went to the eye doctor for an exam on Friday. I thought my eyes were getting worse because my glasses weren’t comfortable. I found out that my vision for distance has improved, my close-up vision has improved, my stigmatism has improved, my cataracts are better. It took me awhile but I put it together that it was from taking the Ningxia Red. I have been taking it since March.”

- Barb Sokolski

“I have been quietly using this (Ningxia Red) everyday for about 8 months and it has helped tremendously when I was going through more grief then a person should ever have to endure and my memory suffered horribly. Seriously-I could ask a person a question and two minutes later ask them again. It was horrible. After upping to two ounces a day my ability to retain information skyrocketed! It has also helped keep me from getting every stinking cold and flu bug going around. And lastly, It has helped tremendously with inflammation. My plantar fasciitis was so bad it hurt to walk in the morning. It has taken me this long to post something because I am one that needs to have ALOT of improvement before I go bragging about something.”

- Amber Rejdych